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Workshop I 1. Reactive cytopenia and dysplasia.
Cases as submitted
Workshop I All Cases Nr 101-117.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 357.8 KB
Workshop II CHIP, ICUS and IDUS
Cases as submitted
Workshop II All cases 201-208.pdf
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Workshop III Overt MDS
Cases as submitted
Workshop III Nr 301-319.pdf
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Main topics

For the workshop are being sought challenging cases (criteria see below) of:

    1. Reactive cytopenia and dysplasia.

    2. CHIP, ICUS and IDUS

    3. Overt MDS

For each case submitted we request

-  10 H&E stained slides and 15 unstained sections for further analysis by the panel (biopsy and/or smears)

-  Critical immunostains, flow cytometry, immunophenotypic, cytogenetic, and molecular data, if considered


-  A PowerPoint summary of the case  featuring high quality images and illustrations of relevant

    immunohistochemistry and  molecular/cytogenetic tests with the slides.

-  A printout of the case submission


 For your information

-  Material will not be returned and images etc. may be used for publication, appropriately acknowledged

-  Submission implies consent for use on the website and for publication

-  In the event of more than one submission from the same institution, it is preferable that each case is presented

    by a different  author

-  Submitters will be informed of selection around March 15, 2017.

-  Assessment and summary of the cases will be prepared based on the PowerPoint files

-  The slides with the case summary  will be scanned and available to delegates end of April 2017

-  The case summaries will be available as a printed booklet at the meeting.


How to Submit

Submission consists out of

1  Filling in the case submission form

2  Uploading the Powerpoint via We Transfer ( or sending it on a  USB stick together  with the slides

3  Sending in the slides

4 Sending a printout of the case submission

5 Please indicate that goods have "a commercial value of 1.00 EURO to avoid customs and import duties.

6  Shipping costs will not be re-imbursed 

Address to send case material and Powerpoint (via WeTransfer or on USB) to

       Mirthe de Boer

       UMC Utrecht, Dept. of Pathology, H04.312

       Heidelberglaan 100

       3584 CX Utrecht

       The Netherlands



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